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A few of our projects

Westport Library

Westport, CT

January 2021

This project's intention was to provide safety while not obstructing the view of the river from the library's front steps. The railing is slim and modern. It was installed by side mounting the railing to the side of the wall.

Lanza Residence

Southport, CT

September 2022

This project was designed to bring a more contemporary feel to this home. The original railing was a classic style iron railing that was old, outdated, and did not fit this space. The new horizontal style railing added new life to this stair.

Jesse Lee Methodist

Easton, CT

September 2019

This project is a classic style wrought iron railing installed along the walkways of a church. The patrons were in need of a railing for safety purposes. The railings is finished in a gloss black.

Lundstrom Residence

Redding, CT

March 2022

This project's intention was to provide safety while not obstructing the view of a television which would be hung over the cabinets adjacent to the railings. The cable provides a minimal obstructed view.

Leblanc Residence

Fairfield, CT

June 2021

This project is a stainless steel cable railing. With this property being close to salt water close by, it was important to use 316 marine grade stainless steel to prevent future  corrosion and rust.

Cox Residence

Greenwich, CT

August 2022

This project is a classic iron railing with large end posts. The alternating straight to oval balusters bring a touch of contemporary design to and otherwise classic iron railing.

Patel Residence

Mamaroneck, NY

May 2023

This project was fabricated and installed in a newly remodeled home. The owners wanted a sleek stainless steel design with a contemporary touch.

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