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A few of our residential projects

Lanza Residence

Southport, CT

September 2022

This project was designed to bring a more contemporary feel to this home. The original railing was a classic style iron railing that was old, outdated, and did not fit this space. The new horizontal style railing added new life to this stair.

Patel Residence

Mamaroneck, NY

May 2023

This project was fabricated and installed in a newly remodeled home. The owners wanted a sleek stainless steel design with a contemporary touch.

Murdoch Residence

Purdy's, NY

December 2023

This project's was designed to update an existing residence's living space. The owner wanted to have a contemporary style with a matching removable gate at the top of the stairs. The gate is on bullet hinges and is easy to lift and remove the gate when not needed.

Leblanc Residence

Fairfield, CT

June 2021

This project is a stainless steel cable railing. With this property being close to salt water close by, it was important to use 316 marine grade stainless steel to prevent future corrosion and rust.

Cox Residence

Greenwich, CT

August 2022

This project is a classic iron railing with large end posts. The alternating straight to oval balusters bring a touch of contemporary design to and otherwise classic iron railing.

Barton Residence

Westport, CT

September 2022

Pink Lemon Interiors asked us to match a picture of a patina'd backsplash that they found online. We did just that. The hardest part about fitting something like this in an old home is that nothing is straight. But we measured properly, and the fit was perfect.

Quick Residence

Stamford, CT

March 2024

This project was intended to update a home to a more modern feel. The original railings were wrought iron style and outdated for the space. The customer chose the horizontal style with a wood rail cap which made a nice update to the home

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