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Our Streamlined Project Process: Designed with You in Mind

1. The customer initiates contact through our website's contact form, a phone call, text message, or email, expressing their design preferences.


2. Upon receiving the customer's inquiry, we engage with them to gather additional information, such as photos, plans, drawings, or any other ideas they have for their project. This allows us to assess the feasibility of the project.


3. We schedule a meeting with the customer to discuss project details in-depth and provide samples for their consideration.


4. Following the consultation, we present the customer with a comprehensive price quote for the proposed project.


5. Upon approval from the customer, we proceed with drafting a detailed contract outlining all aspects of the project, including a 3-year limited warranty.


6. The contract is securely sent to the customer via DropboxSign for electronic signature, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for physical mail.


7. Once the contract is signed, the customer submits the required deposit through the provided invoice, using convenient payment methods such as credit, debit, or Apple Pay. A copy of the signed contract is automatically sent to the customer for their records.


8. If CAD drawings are requested, we provide these to the customer for review and approval before commencing fabrication.


9. With materials sourced and ordered, fabrication of the project begins according to the agreed-upon specifications.


10. We collaborate closely with the customer to schedule a convenient time for the installation process.


11. Our skilled team proceeds with the installation of the project, ensuring precision and attention to detail throughout the process.


12. Upon completion of the installation, the customer settles the final invoice electronically via debit, credit, or Apple Pay, marking the successful conclusion of the project.

This pertains to most, but not all projects. If your project has special circumstances, the process may vary.

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