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Our customer friendly process for our projects

1. The customer reaches out to us via filling out our contact form, a phone call,
a text, or an email.

2. We will respond to the customer and ask the customer to send us any photos, plans, drawings, other ideas they have for their project so we can determine whether or not the project can be completed.

3. We meet and discuss the details and provide samples.

4. We provide the customer with a price.

5. The customer tells us to go ahead.

6. We write a detailed contract that outlines all aspects of the project and includes a 3-year limited warranty.
The contract is sent to the customer via DropboxSign and is signed by the customer electronically leaving less work for the customer to do (no post office trips to mail anything).

A copy of the contract is automatically sent back to the customer by Dropboxsign for the customer's records.

7. The customer signs the contract and pays the deposit through the invoice via credit, debit, or Apple Pay.

8. We order the materials and start fabrication on your project

9. If the customer orders CAD drawings, we provide the drawings for the customer to see the project before it is installed.

10. We inform the customer of the installation date

11. We install the project

12. Once the project is fully installed, the customer pays the final invoice which can be paid electronically via debit, credit or Apple Pay and the project is complete.

The end!

This pertains to most, but not all projects. If your project has special circumstances, the process may vary.

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