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A few of our commercial projects

Westport Library

Westport, CT

January 2021

This project's intention was to provide safety while not obstructing the view of the river from the library's front steps. The railing is slim and modern. It was installed by side mounting the railing to the side of the wall.

Beit Chaverim Synagogue

Westport, CT

May 2023

This project was the final touch of the Beit Chaverim Synagogue that was being built since 2011. The goal of the project was to meet building code to pass inspection for the synagogue to open it's doors.

New Vision Int. Church

Bridgeport, CT

August 2019

This project is a classic style commercial guardrail and handrail. It features 1-1/2" schedule 40 handrails and a 42" high guardrail in order to meet commercial building code.

Trumbull Pediatrics

Trumbull, CT

August 2021

This property was getting a new concrete ramp and walkway installed. They wanted to salvage the original railings instead of buying all new fabrication work. We cut the railings out, welded on new repairs, and reinstalled them.

Jesse Lee Methodist

Easton, CT

September 2019

This project is a classic style wrought iron railing installed along the walkways of a church. The patrons were in need of a railing for safety purposes. The railings is finished in a gloss black.

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